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This project is currently in active development, please check back for irregular updates.
This project originated as part of an internal Gaming Gourd studio game jam, Gourdtober 2023. The original game concept centered around the humorous idea of being able to punch ghosts. Through the month-long jam, the idea was extrapolated to be a theatrical production of traditional folklore gone awry due to a last minute casting substitution. Due to external pressures, there was no further development on this version of the game.
As a way to get this project back on its feet, we used the Finish Your Game Jam (hosted by the Portland Indie Game Squad) as a deadline to re-evaluate the idea of the project and set us up to successfully continue development. This process included defining clear roles for each member on the team, re-evaluating points of contention in our design, and creating a vision for the project with a list of questions we needed to answer. Resulting from this reorganization effort has been successful development progress towards a prototype since the end of November 2023.
The current state of the game design is aligned around the relationship between an improv troupe and their audience. In this 2.5d beat 'em up game, the player will need to react to suggestions from the audience in how they want to see the stage combat progress. The player will need to battle enemy characters not only physically but to also win the favor of the audience. Our game is based in the absurd humor found in your community improv shows as well as the world of professional wrestling.
My Roles: Producer; Environment Artist; and Programmer
Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 5.3, Paper ZD Plug-in, Google Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Blender 3D, GitHub, Git LFS, Perforce Helix, Substance 3D Suite, Jira, Confleunce, and Microsoft Office.
Estimated Development Time Frame: 2 years
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