Revolving around the sacred pagan holiday of Samhain. We wanted to offer players a uniquely positive and non-threatening perspective into the rituals of a non-Abrahamic belief system. This game guides you through the framework of a Samhain ritual and triggers a summoning of your recently deceased friend. Things take a quick turn when you learn the friend was a victim of foul play. You are tasked by your departed friend to uncover the mystery around their death to find the truth of what happened one fateful Autumn day. This project was the final for our Writing for Interactivity Class at American University.
My Roles: 3D, Texture, and VFX Artist; Co-Designer; and Assistant Programmer
Tech Stack: Unity 2020.3, Blender 3D, Substance 3D Suite, Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
Development Time Frame: Two Weeks
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