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This project originated as part of my Master's thesis for American University. We focused the thesis around diving into the intricacies of game production for larger projects and testing our different pipelines as a team. If you are interested in a deeper dive into how learning production on my own through this Master's thesis has compared to using resources dedicated to games production, please read my LinkedIn post.
The heart of the game itself was a resource scavenging adventure designed to immerse player in a world situated on the climate front lines of the Sierra Nevada. The game is both a critique of the prevailing societal response to the climate crisis and an exploration of the emerging threat of environmental fascism. In this narrative rich experience, you will navigate the perilous landscape, reflecting on the failure to act on climate change, and rely on community cooperation to endure a changed world. This project is currently on hold.
My Roles: Creative Director; Co-Producer; 3D, Texture, VFX, and Lighting Artist; Programmer
Tech Stack: Unity 2022.3, Google Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Blender 3D, GitHub, Git LFS, Substance 3D Suite, Jira, Confleunce, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
Estimated Development Time Frame: 2+ years
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