Video courtesy of our Film Producer, Becky Lake.

Cover Image courtesy of our Director, Meagan Couture.

I helped spearhead the development of an immersive VR film experience transporting participants to an otherworldly library, a purgatory where the connections of friendship come to life through the objects surrounding the viewer. Merging cutting-edge technology, the projected utilized volumetric capture to bring actors to life and photogrammetery to add depth to the objects in the virtual space.
During the experience, you explore your past while listening to two ethereal voices engaging in a philosophical discourse over the nature of life, death, and the legacy we leave behind. Guided by these voices, you must piece together moments from your life and reflect on their significance. This project was the final for our Interactive Filmmaking course at American University and was successfully showcased at the University Film and Video Association's 2022 conference.
Roles: Interactivity Producer, Lead Programmer
Tech Stack: Unity 2020.3, TetaVi Volumetric Capture (now YOOM)
Development Time Frame: Four Weeks
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